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Guided Fall Snow Goose HuntingFor many, snow goose hunting season starts in February and ends in the spring. One of the best-kept secrets in the sport, though, is guided fall snow goose hunting in Missouri. Why wait for the geese to leave in the spring when you can set up and be ready for them when they arrive in the fall? But, hunting snow geese in the fall is a completely different experience than hunting them in the spring, which is why you should consider using a guided snow goose hunting trip.

Baseball playoffs, NFL football, college football…these are all things we associate with the fall. If you are duck hunter, you need to add snow goose hunting to that list. There are some significant advantages to hunting waterfowl at this time of the year; you only have to be willing to give up a few NFL pre game shows to take advantage of them.

Taking Advantage of Winter Habits of the Snow Geese

We have said many times over, these birds are smart and they learn very quickly. This brings up the first advantage of hunting these birds in the fall. The spring is a breeding time for snow geese. That being the case, many of the birds in the fall will have only seen a decoys a few times, let alone a full spread. This plays into a hunter’s hands, as they will not be nearly as skeptical of a spread on the ground as birds are in the spring.

Because the birds are not under as much pressure in the fall as they are in the spring, they will often feed in the same areas for days without moving to a new feeding ground. If they were there in the morning, they will probably be there again at night. If they were there at night and there is still plenty of food, they will more than likely return again in the morning. This gives you a significant advantage in having plenty of time to set your blinds and decoys.

Another benefit of fall snow goose hunting is the birds have a habit of moving in smaller flocks during the fall (compared to the spring when you will see massive flocks moving from area to area). You can use smaller spreads and create multiple areas for the geese to settle.

Why You Should Use a Snow Goose Hunting Outfitter

Setting up for this type of hunt will require expertise you may not have, even if you have hunted snow geese in the spring. While spreads are smaller, they need to be set in a certain manner to evoke the trust in the birds that the area is actually safe for feeding. In addition, you will have multiple advantages you may not have on your own or even working with a group of friends.

  1.  Dogs can make all the difference. Hunting dogs need to be properly trained and one that is not can ruin an entire trip. Hunting outfitters have experienced dogs that are very well trained. If you are traveling a significant distance for the trip, this will also save you the expense of traveling with your dog.
  2.  Lodging discounts are quite common when using an outfitter. Local hotels, motels, and lodges will often work with the companies to offer accommodations at a discounted rate if the company is regularly able to offer them an influx in occupancy.
  3.  If you are just getting into the sport, you already know how expensive the equipment can be. To do a hunt such as this on your own you would need to not only spend the money for travel, but also thousands of dollars in decoys, blinds, etc… Of course, you would also have to pack everything up as well as clean it up and take care of it. When you are booking your trip using a guided goose hunting outfitter, they have all of the equipment and it is more than likely far superior to what most people would buy on their own.
  4.  Finally, most companies have grounds that have proven to be very successful every season. In fact, companies like Snow Me Snow Geese have some of the best hunting grounds not only in a particular area , but in the state! If you are setting up on your own, you are more than likely using areas that are not as popular with the waterfowl. And, even if you are able to find a decent spot, you will be in competition with dozens of other hunters trying to find the perfect grounds.